No, we're not a BBB Member


You might it surprising that we're not a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  There are many reasons for our decision, and one being that is very expensive (we'd rather put that money to providing people jobs and filling client needs).  It was also brought to our attention that the Bureau may in fact give higher ratings depending on the money paid to them.  We truly hope this was just a rumor.  We encourage applicants and clients to let us prove our high-quality services.   There are so many scams out there and sadly, even our competitors have wrote negative posts about our company.  It's not due to our our performance and services, but an attack to knock out the competition.  Sadly, anyone can post a positive or negative post on the Internet and it never gets verified - so the truth is not really out there for one to review.  We on the other hand do not participate in such scandalous attacks in an effort to degrade our competition.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard and so does He.  Don't be gullible to gossip.  Find out for yourselves. You'll be glad you did.

As for the Bureau, we're not the only company that prefers not to list with them.

There are posts all over the Internet.  These are just a few.  No Thanks, we're not interested in becoming a member.  We'd rather give that "membership" money to our researchers.