Applicant Success Stories
Wonderful Concept!
"I really appreciate the very easy and efficient manner in which IT-Boss Research has offered this opportunity.  I am very pleased to have passed the test and to also let you know you have picked someone who is very professional, serious and qualified to accept this work from home position.  This is a wonderful concept in hiring practices."
Lynda Labrador, NJ
"Thank you so much.  I am smiling ear to ear.  I will be telling others about your company staffing.  It went beyond what I could have imagined.  
Helena Hill,  NC
A Rose
"I recently lost my job of 15 years and am currently looking for employment.
I live in southern West Virginia, what I affectionately call "the boonies,"
forty miles in every direction from job opportunities that will pay my
bills. I recently began looking at the work from home/telework
opportunities, but found that so many of the sites only told me "how great
the company is" and not what I needed in order to decide if I wanted to
apply for their job.

The purpose of this little "rose" of a note is to compliment you on your web
site and the information given about what a court researcher would be doing.
I especially liked that you also explained how the researched information
might be used by the client, very honest and upfront."

Sharon Curry, WV
I'm Back !

"I had worked for IT-Boss for 2 years before my wife was offered a great opportunity on the West Coast.  So I had to leave my work with IT-Boss behind.  After moving to Washington state, I was able to find another research team looking for contractors and soon found that not all research teams treat their people the same.  The company was female-owned and very upbeat but I have to say I didn't believe in her "Beliefs" which were being forced on me to participate in.  I called IT-Boss up and told them I needed work as it wasn't working out for me with the other company.  In two weeks, I had a new client and was working with IT-Boss again.  What a refreshing evironment.  So I'm back!  Where I belong and where God wants me !" 

Joshua Allard, WA 

To Be Successful
"You might know the beginning of this story already.  My family really needed some extra money!  To be succesful I believe you have to put God first and associate yourself with others who are succesful.  Thats why I joined IT-Boss Research.   Regardless of your experience, they will help you by providing you training to prepare for an assignment with their clients. In the midst of a tough economy, I was happy to find a successful company who was willing to share their success with me!"

 Bobbie Netherlings, MO

Funny Thing Is...

"When I woke up this morning, I told Father thank for this day, and I blessed it for Him and thanked Him for all the Blessings He has in store, and for giving me the chance to be a blessing for Him yet another day.  I have been going through the computer for days looking for jobs. I came across this.  I saw that you are believers.  The funny thing is, I had the same idea to have a company where paralegals worked out of it as researchers…   I just wanted to say, I believe in what you are doing.  I bless you and all that your hands are doing and the lives that you are touching in the name of my Lord."

Elaine Seal, TX 


"When I applied at IT-Boss Research, the recruiter told me something I will never forget, Everyone who loves their job must have a certain romantic flair for what they do'.  She said she had read that in a post online somewhere and it hit a key point. Some jobs are mundane and boring and to do those jobs, you have to make them fun and love what you do.  If you have thi passion about your work, you'll do a spectacular job doing it !  My first assignment was researching mortgage documents at my local courthouses.  The work was very easy, simple to document and submit.  When I say easy, it was so easy that it borderlined on being mundane and boring.  I expressed this to my recruiter at IT-Boss and she was silent for a few seconds and then laughed.  What's so funny?  I asked.  She explained that she had felt the same way initially too and was laughing at what her recruiter had told her.  She said, where else can you go and know your neighbor's business, know what the house really sold for on the block, know where the extra money really came from (second mortgage) when the neighbor said he had won the lottery and hear a month's worth of gossip in just a couple hours (from all the title researchers around me).  I paused for a moment and joined her in the laughter and added, And watch people's antics!  From that point on, I loved the work.  I find it actually relaxing.  I get to hear the others around me chatting about how @itchy someone is at the office and how someone else never does their share of the work, etc. and realize I never have those problems.  :)   Yes, I'm a happy researcher !"
Lisa Pannell, LA
Sharing the Good News
"I used to hear how people loved their work and kind of scoffed at the mere words as I hated mine.  I worked in an office which required that I be there from 8am to 5pm with a 15 min break in the morning a 30 min break at lunch and a 15 min break in the afternoon.  No flexibility.  Asking for time off was painful.  I always dreaded do so as I knew I was going to ask one time too many and be fired.  I have 4 kids.  Every week there was something I needed to do - doctor visits, school conferences, school projects, etc.  - something I needed to do during my work hours and couldn't.  A co-worker walked in one day all smiles and turned in her resignation.  I asked her where she was going to and she simply replied, "Home", I'm going to work for myself".  We had lunch that day and she told me about IT-Boss Research.  She had applied with them a month earlier, received an assignment and was able to do the assignment part-time as her courthouse records office was open on Saturdays for a few hours.  I had lunch with her a month later and she was still all smiles and said she loved doing court research and how IT-Boss had helped her be successful at it.  That evening I completed my application for IT-Boss.  In a few days, I was all smiles and turning in my resignation too!  Thank you IT-Boss Research.  All of your recruiters are very dedicated and your clients are great too!"
Erika Jordan, AZ
My Patience Paid Off
"How many companies can you ask to find you a job and not ask for a fee in return?  Not many.  But IT-Boss is one of them.  When I applied with them 4 years ago, I anxiously awaited for a response.  Sadly, I was told there wasn't anything available at that time.  I shrugged it off figuring I wouldn't hear back from them again.  Two weeks later, I got offered an assignment with them AND with another research team!  Not just one job, but TWO !  They provided me free training so that I would have the knowledge needed to be successful in my assignments at the other company too!  All of this at no cost to me !  I understand their clients pay the placement fee.  I only needed to commit for 30 days for this free service.  Well I did... and I'm still onboard !  Anyone who is looking for administrative type work, especially court research, should apply today.  Don't get discouraged if they don't have anything right now.  Their recruiters work hard with several companies to find work for you."
Belinda Vandergrift, OH
IT-Boss Research - Another Great Company
"I recently got an email about another research company that seems to be opening doors to a lot of people. Their primary focus is on background and criminal investigations for the legal industry. Starting in 2010, they expanded to offer placement services. This company networks with several research firms and matches applicants up with their clients. What's so great about this company is that as an applicant, you don’t pay a placement fee! I know, how AWESOME is that right?    read more>>>