FAQs you should know before you apply...

  1. Read this page in its entirety.  Skipping it and moving straight to the application could cause your application to be discarded without review.
  2. Be informed.  Take a moment to review the following important information (right-mouse click on the "Click Here" link and select "Open in New Window" so you don't navigate away from this webpage.)
  3. The online application will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  The following resources will be helpful in you providing accurate responses:
    • A visual map of Counties in your state.  Click Here
    • Where Courthouses are located.  Click Here
    • QuickFacts about the Counties (i.e., population, etc).  Click Here 
    • Distance between your home and the courthouses.  There are several sites on the Web which provide free calculations and directions. We've listed a few of them here for you (keep in mind that it is often feasible to visit more than one courthouse in a single day's trip.):
  4. A 1-Minute typing test is required and available free at various sites on the Web.  We suggest either of these two sites:
  5. You will be evaluated on the accuracy of your application entries.  Your ability to follow instructions will be evaluated based on the accuracy of your application (e.g., format, grammar, completeness, depth of information and proofreading).  The general guidelines to be used in completing the online application are as follows:
      • All entries should be typed in proper case.
      • All responses should be brief, including only information demonstrating skills which are relative to computer usage and research activities.
      • Do not enter "best guess" responses.  Research and provide accurate information.  Resources have been provided to you at the top of the web page.
      • Do not paste portions of your resume.  Providing excess, non-related detail will disqualify your application (will be discarded without review).
      • Accuracy is very important.  Read each question carefully.  Applications with invalid entries will be discarded since this is our first impression of how well you can follow directions.
      • There is a known issue with those using Embarq email addresses.  For some reason, our mail host is usually unable to send to such addresses which results in a non-delivery error.  We suggest that you provide a different email address or apply for a free one at gmail, yahoo, etc.
  6. Upon submitting your application, you should receive an emailed confirmation of our receipt within 72 hours.  Be sure to check your spam or junk folders in case our "reply" email doesn't reach your inbox.  Our acknowledgment of receiving your application ensures that you have entered into Stage 1 of our application process.
  7. If you are selected for one of our clients, we will send you a contingency offer listing the counties/cities of courts we propose for you to accept.  This is Stage 2 of our application process which includes an online virtual interview questionnaire and contains your first research task during our evaluation period. 
  8. Upon receipt of your completed interview, you've enter the enrollment phase, Stage 3.  You'll receive an email explaining and requesting specific documents from you.  Since our interview is being conducted online, we will need to verify who you are just as if you were applying at a local company for work. 
      • Applicant Contractual Placement Agreement (CPA)
      • W9 Form
      • Photo ID (may be required)
  9. Once you have enrolled with us, we'll need to prepare you so that you can qualify for assignments with our clients.  In Stage 4, an open-book exam and study materials are made available to you.  Those without courthouse research experience will find sufficient information available to pass the qualification exam.
  10. At our final Stage 5, we'll review your exam and send you the passing results and bid you a successful bon voyage!  We'll promptly alert the client who already has assignments waiting to issue you.  You will be requested to sign a contractual agreement with them to indicate your commitment and set up your direct deposit account for payments (made every 2 weeks).  The client provides you the specific requirements for each assignment, initial due dates, the frequency in which they need you to report data back to them and the tools to accomplish the assignments (i.e., client software, spreadsheet templates, etc.)  Most of our clients have online systems for your convenience in submitting invoices, weekly status reports, profile updates, etc.

There are two types of applicants that come to our website.  Read the information below and determine which type you are and click on the appropriate link:


If you are needing proof that you are seeking employment as to meet the eligibility requirements for State or Unemployment Benefits, there is no need to apply.


I confirm that I have read the above information and will use the resources provided to complete the online application and that I wish to be considered for immediate assignment and am not applying merely to meet the eligibility requirements for State or Unemployment Benefits.  I further understand that I should follow the "entry" guidelines as stated above as my actual application will be used in part for evaluating my skills.  I will monitor my email closely for correspondence that may stem from my application as I understand that the applicant placement process is fast-paced and my prompt response to correspondence is required; failure to do so will result in the cancellation of my application.  Apply here as an  "ACTIVE"  Applicant.