Welcome Potential Court Researcher !

Your arrival here indicates that we sent to you a Placement Contingency Offer which appeals to you.  We'd now like to interview you.  Below is a link to an online interview questionnaire where you'll be asked to express the areas you are interested in accepting for assignment.  Be sure to read the two attachments provided in the Contingency Offer Email prior to clicking the link below.  The Virtual Interview will contain an electronic signature area to acknowledge your acceptance of the Contractor Placement Agreement.  To access the Virtual Interview, simply click the link below. 

If the above link does not cooperate for you, simply copy the link address below and paste it into your Internet Browser.


Thank you for your interest.  Once you have completed the Virtual Interview, one of our Agents will review the information and be back in touch with you soon with clarification questions or to progress you through to the Qualification Phase.